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Wise Elk Dressed Up Stuffed Animal Lucky Doggy - Roses Mix

Wise Elk Dressed Up Stuffed Animal Lucky Doggy - Roses Mix

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The very talented Lucky Yoyo is good at everything, including creating beautiful flower compositions. She was asked to become a florist on many occasions. A florist that would become very famous in the city in no time at all. However, Lucky Yoyo thinks a lot bigger and is getting ready to become a flower platform designer. You know, the flower decorated platforms they use in colorful festivals and the ones that impress people with their amazing shapes made of different flowers. That is the place where Lucky Yoyo can use all her talents and become famous in many cities. Of course, she is planning on being involved in the whole process, from A to Z, not just design. She will be making corrections and adding innovative touches along the way. Her main goal, though, is to become the main ornament of her flower platforms. A real flower queen, as it were. There is a reason why she made herself this original dress.

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